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Alphanumeric ID based on multiple cells

Hi all, I was wondering if you could help me create a formula that would output an alphanumeric ID based on variables in other cells in the row. I'd like to create an ID that include:First, if Cell A = xYx then add "Z" to start. If Cell A = YxY then ...

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Show only records that match text in a field of linked table?

I have a linked table called "Voucher Codes" and as you can see from the attached screenshot, I can click the + and select a voucher code from this linked table and assign it to a record in the Order Fulfillment table. This is great, it works, howeve...

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UI for drafting a formula

Is there a UI to build a formula and get the resulting formula? The formula builder for creating views is useful, but I can't seem to find a way to get the formula out of it.Context: I'm trying to build a formula that filters records by 2 fields, an ...

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Rollup fields - an array of multiple items, or just a string?

I'm creating a script to compare two rollup fields and add the values both share into a third column. The fields roll up linked record fields and return them as just the text in a comma-separated list. Airtable documentation says rollup fields are an...

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Resolved! Single select dropdown does not appear when I embed the view

Hi all, So I have created a base here (it is a gallery view) in the base works as it should. The single select dropdown works great, but in the embed view, the single select dropdown d...

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Integrating extensions into a field

Hello!I want to use the results of an extension into a formula to automate a field.For context, we are using a SendGrid extension to send out emails and once those emails have been sent I want to be able to automate a status field to change from 'ema...

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Resolved! Convert duration (mm:ss) into seconds

How do I convert a duration into seconds?I would like a formula for the "Seconds" column that automatically calculates this. Understand this is probably so basic, but would appreciate any help. Thank you!

Screen Shot 2024-07-18 at 1.43.20 PM.png
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Resolved! Using Concatenate with Multi-selects Leaving an extra comma...?

If I use this formula:IF({Whole-Body Conditions}!=BLANK(), {Whole-Body Conditions}, "") & IF({Body: Left Foot}!=BLANK(),CONCATENATE(", ", {Body: Left Foot}), "")I get this result when {Body: Left Foot} is NOT empty, WHICH IS WHAT I WANT: But when {Bo...

Screenshot 2024-07-17 at 6.33.46 PM.png Screenshot 2024-07-17 at 6.36.55 PM.png
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Resolved! Formula to Correct #ERROR! for Empty Date Field

Hello Airtable Community,My table includes an event title field as well as one for an event date.Event Title:The Chemical Regulations LandscapeEvent Date:June 6, 2004Formula:LEFT({Event Title}, 16)&" - "&{Date}Formula Result:The Chemical Reg - 6/6/20...

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