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regex email validation doesn't work

Hi,I'm trying to validate customer's mails, to send them automated mails.I created a column validating another Email column in my relevant table, but the formula shows me that the mail doesn't match the regex, even though I know it's a working mail.t...

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Resolved! strange behavior using a lookup in a DATEADD formula

Hi all, I figured out an easy workaround, but trying to understand why this is happening.I have three table that matter to this scenario - Employee, Certificate, and EmployeeCertificate (junction table)The Certificate table has a number field {Period...

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How to check if a date is a weekend or a holiday?

Hi expert guys and gals, I am struggling with what appears to be a straightforward mundane issue, but I have scoured the Community and the internet without any luck. I have workers schedules and sometimes they work Monday to Friday, but sometimes the...

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Resolved! Formula in primary field - create record via API (Make) - NaN value

Hello,I am experimenting with Airtable and Make, but I have a table with a Primary key which is a Formula field.I am trying to create a record in Airtable with this primary key as a formula, but the primary key is populated with NaN value.Isn't suppo...

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 12.19.08.png Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 12.19.00.png
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cam by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Unique filter

I have read a few discussions on Unique filter - lookup then roll up. But i really can't seem to figure it out. I have my calendar synced - then I have a column of attendees, which is linked to companies. So each row has the different company in the ...

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Circular reference error when trying to make my formula

Hi all !To explain my project : I want to make a task manager where tasks can be dependant to each other (for example a task will start when the previous one end, and so if I change the end date of this previous task, the start date of the task will ...

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Trying to create an "averageif" in airtable

Hello team! I am trying to calculate the average weekly attendance in airtable. I downloaded the data from airtable and was able to calculate it in excel using an "averageif" function but I am not sure how I can implement it in airtable. The last col...

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cs by 4 - Data Explorer

Display if the field has a number

I'm working with some data coming from another group and they use both text and dates in a fields that I need to pull apart and use the dates to estimate further due dates down the line. I'm trying to avoid the big #ERROR! when the field has text and...

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Tomorrow Formula

Hi, does anyone know how to make a formula that shows tomorrow's date?We send out an automated message with instructions to the team for tomorrow, and we want to be able to say "You appointment time for tomorrow, {tomorrow's date}"Thanks!

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Resolved! Find completion sprint from string

Hello Airtable community!I have created a Jira integration with Airtable. There is a field for Sprint, however, if a ticket was included in more than one sprints, all sprints appears seperated by commas. I want to extract only the sprint that is the ...

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Button field - clickable telephone link

It appears that "tel:" hyperlinks does not work to create a button that opens a URL to call a phone. The button is not clickable.However, the "mailto:" URL shortcut works, but not "tel:"Are there any workarounds to this that will put a clickable link...

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Troubleshooting Formula

Hi,I am looking to build  a formula to retrieve dates between two dates. The information I am trying to retrieve is instances where a service user has attended sessions.The formula I am using is:IF(AND( DATETIME_FORMAT({Date Field}, 'DDMMYYYY') >= 'D...

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How to access into child value

Hi, Sorry, i'm new. I'm trying Airtable to check if i can use for my project. I have a question, maybe simple, maybe not.I have 3 tables:Match:Team1Team2ScoreTeam1ScoreTeam2SeasonWinner (formulae: IF({Score Team 1} > {Score Team 2}, {Team 1}, {Team 2...

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Rollup romula - count unique values in linked records

I don't know if this is possible .... if anyone tells me to restructure my data, I'm quitting lol I have Orders, Products, and Warehouses table. Using linked records, I assigned various warehouses to products. And then when orders are placed, it's lo...

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 1.49.35 PM.png Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 1.51.32 PM.png
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Adding certain statuses

Hello Community! I need some guidance... I have a few columns with fields that are Single Select and one of the options is "COMPLETED". I am looking for a way to create a formula for it to add "how many COMPLETED fields" I have for that record... For...

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Three If formulas not working

Hi all,I've ran this code and don't have an error message coming up but when I click ok the final part of the 'If' formula is deleted.I'd like it to run so that all parts of the if formula work (three options): IF({Always On/Miniseries} = "Always On"...

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Formula IF statement pulls data from a specific row + cell

Hi,Not sure if this is possible...I'm looking to create a formula that checks the condition of a single select cell called {Alt Shop}. IF empty use {Discount Code} if it contains "Shop Name" to use data from a particular cell in a particular row.For ...

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