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Data Validation Tool

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Hi everyone, wanted to share a data validation tool so you can catch data errors before they come back to haunt you! Airtable doesn’t have good support for validation, and we’ve been using this internally for our Airtable consulting business. You can use it to check fields for:

  • Duplicates

  • Missing & empty values

  • Substrings (text within text)

  • Validating URLs

  • Email formats

  • US Phone numbers

  • Earliest & latest dates

  • Character length

It’s free to use, and if you need to check more records just send me an email with how many you need and we should be able to bump your tier up as long as it's not too crazy. If there’s a check you need that the tool can’t do, just let me know and I can add it for you!

We’ll be adding notifications & auto-correction soon as well. Let me know if you have any questions:



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