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Hi,I've been trying to modify the Airtable script (Create records from multiple select) pasted below into an automation as an action. I was thinking removing the input commands and replacing the table/field location to my specific fields would work b...
Hi,Looking for some scripting help. I am manually copy and pasting values from a Lookup field to a Multi-select field on the same table and want to know if there is a way to create a script that could do this process for me.  Example below:Want to co...
Hello,I'm using this running total script which works great but I want to add another running total column based on another field to this. Any solutions on how to add another running total in the same script?The table and view are the sameThe fields ...
Hello, I'd like to add a filter to my running total script. I have a checkbox field and would like the script to only calculate the running total if the checkbox is checked. Any help appreciated.   let table = base.getTable('Resource Capacity Plannin...
Hi is it possible to tell airtable to look at two fields and look it up/match the fields on a different table and return the corresponding value? For example: Looking at the first image, L5 field (Media Engineering) and the size field (s) lookup the ...