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Updating a Status field between two sheets

Hi guys!On one table I'm looking at Set Up Account details, and on the other I'm looking at Account Performance. The first pulls data from Typeform, the second from our internal system. To be able to tell how well the account is doing, I need the con...

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Automation fomulas

Hello, We use Airtable at our company for our Purchase Order store and use formulas for expected payment date to calculate when we expect to get paid. We are now looking at advancing certain aspects of our database, such as, we want an automated emai...

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Resolved! Scripting problem

I have a problem with a script that worked and all of a sudden, stopped to work:"App Name" is a linked record field. "Add App On Sign Up" is another linked record field. When a value is inserted in "Add App On Sign Up", I need this value to be insert...

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Retrieving the most recent date

Hello! I am creating a field for event attendees. I have each attendee's name, the events they attended, and the dates of the events they attended separated into 3 columns. I would like to make a fourth column that retrieves the most recent date each...

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Help with an Airtable Automations Script

i am attempting to use the attached code within an airtable automations run script tied to a "When Record Enters View" trigger. I have almost zero background in JS, and I just can't get this thing to work. Do any of you have any suggestions as to how...

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same primary column - diffrent tables

I have table A and table B.When a record in table A is created, I have an automation that creates the same record in table B. However, the primary column in table B stays blank. How can I fill the primary column in table B with the primary column val...

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when record created create vlookup in other base

Hi,I want to create an automation that when I create record in table A it automatically will create the same record as vlookup in table if i update the record in table A it will reflect the record in table it possible to do?thanks

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Resolved! Scripting: Can't seem to pass User field's value to another User field.

I suspect this is a super easy thing to do, but I have been googling for over an hour now and all attempt to make this script function is seemingly failing. const { recordId } = input.config(); const table = base.getTable('tbliyrxpGU6tkQgG7'); let r...

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byrnes by 6 - Interface Innovator

Setting up a Queuing System to an automation?

Hello, I am running into the problem where if two users trigger my automation at the same time or before the automation finishes then the second data point will not run/create a record. Is there a way to setup a queuing system where the second trigge...

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Automation when DATE is Today - Change Time

I have a "Send an email" automation set up with the trigger "when {{Date field}} is one week from now."It's working great, except the emails are going out just after midnight. I'd prefer them to go around 9am. I have added a time to my date field, bu...

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