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Date Dependencies / Gantt for tasks spanning less than 1 day

I tried to search the community before posting and found this question (with no solution) several times, but the posts I found were pretty old so I just wanted to double check to make sure this was still impossible using Airtable alone.I'd like to us...

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Utilization Leaves Display Issues in Weekly View on Airtable

Hello Community,I'm encountering an issue with the resource allocation timeline in Airtable, specifically when switch between the daily and weekly views for team utilization when people taking leaves.In the daily view, everything displays correctly; ...

daily views.png weekly view.png
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Predecessors from different table

Hey guys,I am looking for a way to link sets of dates together across different tables. I have a schedule table and a tasks table (tasks are nested under schedules), both have their own dates, I would like the tasks to move with the schedule they are...

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Resolved! Filter: Does NOT have all of...

How can I do a negative filter? Let's say I have a multiple select field with letters A-E. I can easily filter to show all records that contain all of D, E, and F. But I want to filter OUT all records that contain all of D, E, and F. Just D is fine, ...

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Booking Limitations

Hi Everyone.Quick question.. I think I already know the answer, but just double checking to make sure..I work for a company that is starting a marketing campaign, I wanted this to include an Airtable form that customers can fill out a form for an app...

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User field customization settings

I have a base that allows my constituent departments to submit requests for communication/outreach production. Each department has an individually tailored interface so that the fields are customized to what they need and use regularly with departmen...

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Create a table with all tasks with today's date

Good afternoonStill a newbie to Airtable so I appreciate the help.I have a series of tables that have a "next follow up" column and I'd like to be able to create a table that would show only those with the due date of today.  In other words, it would...

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Changing Field Type

I want to change a field type from single line text to a multi select. There are 606 records inputted as single line text, but we need to make them multi select as we will be using that data as tags in Softr to create search capabilities. When I go t...

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