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Updating fields from one table to another using Java Script

Hello Folks,Hope you all are doing good. My Task - There are 2 tables. "Client Briefing Form" and "Master tracker". Both these tables have some fields in common. For example lets take a field named "Billing Information".My task is to write a Java Scr...

Fahim by 4 - Data Explorer
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Split single record into multiple records in the same cell

Hello! I am trying to split a single record into multiple records in the same cell. I have a column called "Languages" with single records such as "Arabic & French" or "French & Spanish". I'd like to split all this records in such a way that each cel...

federica by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! default value date field

I know this has been raised before as a feature request but is there a way to add a default value to a date field through automations or some other mechanism other than pleading airtable to implement or a third party add-on? Thanks in advance

Alex_Ma by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Total in colums and send email

 hi !! can someone help me? i need to send a email dayli, a greed whit total sales in determinate date, how i  can  get a total for each colums, and send in the email ? . 

for air table .png
16655008 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Restore Rich Text Format from Markdown

Hi all,Hoping you can help me. Check spoiler tag for completely detailed explanation of my situation, just in case you can spy a base design issue that could easily be fixed: SpoilerI have a table called "Products" and a table called "Definitions". I...

Akrid by 4 - Data Explorer
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