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How to creat a record while using input.fileAsync

My question as below: I use this script: Let attachment = await input.fileAsync('Pls upload the cargo packing list') Then I want to create a new record with one field as MultipleAttachment. I want this MultipleAttachment field having the attachment...

Xuewen_Zeng by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Pull in a Weather API using a script

Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone can help me out with this one. I want to create a script that incorporates an API to The script will draw the information from the field and the field in Airtable and the result will be the weather forecast...

James_Henry by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
  • 9 replies
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Resolved! Delete a record by automation

I am looking to Run a script in an Action. basically whenever the Category “Done” or “Postpone” is set to the record by single select field. I like to run a script that deletes those records. The trigger is pretty much easy to do by the automation co...

ido by 4 - Data Explorer
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Script to count records in tables and total in base

Here is a script that will count records per table and output the result as a little CSV output. It is a little quick and dirty and will take ‘some time’ to run if you have large record counts. Hope it is useful to someone. let tableCount = base.tabl...

Nigel_James by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Create record in another base

Hi everyone, I have a main base, I want whenever I create new record in main base, the other specified base will be updated, and whenever I edit or create new record in that specified base, the main base also be updated. It looks like sync but I want...

Resolved! Base64 conversion

Hi everyone ! I am trying to authenticate a request using Basic Auth. I then need to base64-encode my logins. (could encode them manually and then insert but would prefer to keep that logic in the code) I didn’t found how to achieve this “natively” w...

Resolved! Importing libraries

I have a task that requires itertools. but I am having no luck. is it possible to import from itertools? or any other library for that matter? thanks

D_A_VFX by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
  • 7 replies
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"No overload matches this call"

I am trying to use createrecordsasync but am getting this error: “No overload matches this call” All the parameter types are correct. I’ve switched them, created variables, double checked, etc. What else can I check? No overload matches this call. T...

Rose_Haft1 by 8 - Airtable Astronomer
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Unable to make a GET request with body

I should make a GET request with body (I know, it’s strange, but this is what I have to do). Here below my script: let inputConfig = input.config(); let deliveryNote = inputConfig.deliveryNote; // array let courier = inputConfig.corriere; //...

New Script for multiple templates

Hi, Could someone demo this script showing how to properly create the parent/child and template tabs to utilize this script? I am having difficulty getting it to properly work. Thanks.

Is it possible to put a button within a function?

I’m pretty new to JS, but trying to learning all the time. Some of the first code I wrote in the scripting blog has gotten supper hard to update, so thought to experiment to write small modules to keep divide up the code. However it seems I can’t put...

New beta: script settings

Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce a new beta feature for the scripting block: script settings! With script settings, you can define settings for your script: a title, description, and settings items (table, field, view, text, number, and select)...

Stephen_Suen by 8 - Airtable Astronomer
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"Step pending..." when running a script

I am trying to run a script on a record update, but when I look in the Run History, all the trials end up in the “In progress… Step pending…” state. Did anyone ran into a similar problem? The script I am using is a simple fetch to Integromat Webhook....

edgaras by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Can I access the symbol of a currency field?

I’ve been trying to access the symbol of a currency field. However with no luck as my output returns undefined. I’ve been looking in the API reference and it seems the the field has who properties, symbol and precision. But how do I access the symbol...

Resolved! Cannot update the value of a multiple select field

I’m trying to script some record creation right now and it involves populating a multi-select field, but for some reason I’m unable to make this updating work no matter how I try. I know that a multiple select field needs to be updated with array val...