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Resolved! Get recordId of field when press a fiedl button

i have a button field that run a script, i need to get tha field id(recordId) after press the button in the script, in some examples they recommend to use recordAsync(), but i have to chose the record, and i need to get it after press the button

2021-05-26 10_22_11-Window

Loading a field from a view

Hello, I’m trying to learn basic scripting. I’m following some examples to get started and build a useful function, however I’m hung up pretty early on. I’m trying to pull all the entries for one specific field in a view. However, when I do this, my ...

Hashing Md5 using scripting

Hi everyone I am trying to create a hash of a record using md5. I am fairly new to script but I am willing to learn. does anyone have an idea of how to do that? Thank you

Using FormData in scripts

Hi, I’m getting an error when I try to use create a Javascript FormData object in preparation for posting to an API. I would have thought FormData would have been well supported. console.log(`Hello, ${}!`); const endPoint = new URL('https://...

Multiple Actions with One Button

Does anyone have a solution for a script to run AND a URL to open when a button is pressed? I need actions within the base to be performed, but I also would like to redirect the user to a confirmation page once the button is pressed. I also have a ne...

Checking 404 status of all URLs in a Column

I have pasted around 500-600 URls in a column and I want to know 404 statuses of all the URLs in the Next Column or in “view Blocks” (want to know which URLs are live and which are not). I am not so good at scripting. Can You Please help?

Resolved! Base64 conversion

Hi everyone ! I am trying to authenticate a request using Basic Auth. I then need to base64-encode my logins. (could encode them manually and then insert but would prefer to keep that logic in the code) I didn’t found how to achieve this “natively” w...

Integrating Airtable with AWS DynamoDB

Hello, I am trying to integrate with AWS, but I keep getting the issue of “Missing Authentication Token” when running my script to update records onto my AWS DynamoDB. I am following the guide given by Airtable on how to integrate this. Has anyone ha...