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Resolved! Script to trigger a webhook on the push of a button

I’m using a button to trigger a Zapier webhook. It’s annoying that every time the button is clicked, a browser window is opened. As I can select to run a script with the push of a button, is there any way to run a script in the background that trigge...

Resolved! Creating new entries from a long text field

Continuing the discussion from Creating new row entries from a long text: Since this thread was closed and I’m facing a similar problem I was wondering if someone could help out. I have a Long text field in my table, lets call it “Task Submission”, t...

Hidro01 by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Get record by cell value

Is there any way to get a record by a cell value? I have an API hitting a webhook and passing in an external ID, which is present in the table as a value in the “External ID” cell. I need to get the associated Record. Seems the only solution is to it...

Create Attachment from within script no URL

I have a script that is creating (by sourcing data from airtable tabs) a large text result that I would like to store as a file attachment column in airtable. I cannot see how to take a text variable (e.g. 1000 lines of text) and turn it into an atta...

Trigger a csv download from a script

Hello All, I’m looking to see what my options are to create and download a csv file generated from a base, but with a very specific format. Right now I have a script that loads records from the base, creates a stringified csv document, and then saves...

persojgs by 4 - Data Explorer
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Image URL to Attachment Script

Hey there. I’m trying to set up some script to automatically input my Images URL to Attachment. I found some code in this forum but I’m running into errors that I don’t understand. Code I’m running: let table = base.getTable('PhantomBuster'); let qu...

New Scripting API calls: Selecting records by recordId

Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce that we’ve released a new scripting API capability today, and this is available in both the Scripting App and the ‘Run a script’ Automation action. You can now select records by recordId, either by setting a new rec...

Wondering if this is possible

Hi everyone, I used a very painfull and well known here workaround until now to update the listing of a (target) linked field depending on the selection of another linked field. But, I have a premium account and access to scripting. I wonder if it’s ...

PDF document in automation

Hello, how can I create a PDF document in automation? I want to create a PDF from a database to send as an attachment, is this possible?

forms_ge by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Trying to split records with multiple attachments in a field into a new table with records with single attachments

and failing, to be honest. Please take note that I have no idea what I’m doing and this script is pieced together from snippets and posts I found on the forum. This is what i have until now. I’ve tried multiple variations but I haven’t been able to w...

Resolved! Updating record Linked Field with a string array

Good morning everyone, I can’t seem to figure out the correct syntax for updating a Linked Field within a record. My test base is simple, two tables, a name field in each, and a linked record between the two. Table First Table Second Example of my ...

Karlstens by 10 - Mercury
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Script for updating a linked record

Hello dear members of the community, I hope you’re doing well. I am requesting your help because Airtable removed the “editable shared view” that I was using before. I therefore need to find a workaround. I would like to use a script, so that when a ...