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Formula link to sidesheet

It appears the URL for a sidesheet within an Airtable Interface does not contain the Record ID. Hoping to create a formula link to records displayed in a sidesheet, however cannot figure out how to do this with the structure of the sidesheet URL.The ...

Tanya_Sager by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Linking to Airtable Interface Details Pages

I'm looking to send out an email when a record is updated to interface-only collaborators. I want the email to include a link to the record in question.I've got a link to the record using the following formula:"

wooti by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Button field - clickable telephone link

It appears that "tel:" hyperlinks does not work to create a button that opens a URL to call a phone. The button is not clickable.However, the "mailto:" URL shortcut works, but not "tel:"Are there any workarounds to this that will put a clickable link...

Ian_Ayers by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Airtable consultant wanted. UK or Europe.

Hi, we're looking for someone to help us to integrate Airtable with our WordPress website (particularly Ninjaforms), with a pdf generator and with Canvas by Instructure. This is us Please get in touch on info@thelearningci...

zoe1 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Combining different data fields into one column

Hi there,I want to have a column which displays two bits of data. Those are a cumulative $ amount and below that a cumulative % amount. I have these two lookup fields separately however need to combine them into one field column. Any help would be gr...

bartdubs by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Compare text in a field with a table, using lookup and logic

Hello Community, please help to solve in an elegant way!I have record, and in a field called "FOOD" I have text separated by comma, let's say in the text I have"FOOD" = Apple, Carrot, sausageI then have another table caleld "FOOD CATEGORIES" with all...

Resource tracker - User hour & Task hours Weekly

Hey guys,I am trying to build a resource tracker for one of my departments based off their allotted hour for the week (or daily) and requested tasks that people input. We are hoping to be able to better schedule them by knowing how busy each person i...

cvoith by 6 - Interface Innovator
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ISO AirTable Data Expert

 I am in search of an AirTable data expert who can help me calculate percentage increases over each month from different records. I have a social media agency and use AirTable to store all our monthly analytics numbers and would like to determine per...

Weekly Events Auto Populates at a range of Dates

Hello I wanted to create a base that will auto populate Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and so on for a number of date, Date is linked to another base which is synced to that base with a view.The purpose of this is we have a product that has a weekly interac...

Filtering for Most Recent Attachment

I think this is a formula question .... Maybe extensions or something. I have an interface with two key components: attachments and comments.  Since there will be many attachments at any given time, I want to add a data field that looks up/displays o...

Filter sales this month.

This will be a long post, and a intricate task because Airtable somehow in 2023 doesn't have a "date is current month" type of filters.I want to in my interface dashboard to summarize the total sales value within the current month. And in a statistic...

Ruben_Rossvold_0-1681997933278.png Ruben_Rossvold_1-1681998226053.png

Need help with Inventory table for my Short Term Rental.

Hello, I am using airtable to keep track of inventory for my Short Term Rental.I have an "Inventory" table + an "Update Inventory" table.When my cleaner is counting inventory in my STR she'll click on the "Update Inventory" button on my inventory tab...

rtlew by 4 - Data Explorer
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Count number of days in a date column

Dear Airtable Community, I have a board with records organized with date field and category list.1 - I would like to count the number of days in this record. If 4 records are posted with the same date I want it to count 1.Ex : 01/01/2022 I have 4 rec...

Delphine by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Icon library for formulas and Interface text fields

Can anyone recommend a license-free icon library compatible with Airtable Formulas and Interface Text fields? I see them used in templates, but would love to have access to a complete library.

rcrook by 4 - Data Explorer
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