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Resolved! Issues with formula - Attempting an on hold client button

Trying to create a condition via formula which will mean that a client won't be able to be quoted via airtable extension with the following:Formula:IF(Type="Client", IF({On Hold}="On Hold">"Good", " Good to Quote","On Hold - Do not Quote"))We are hop...

ahenry by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! IF statements with numbers and time

Hi everybody,if I can ask for help with formulas in IF statementsI have developed Glide app with Airtable, works really good.I have a table WorkOrders, and among other columns, I have:"Start time", "Start kilometers", "End Time", "End kilometers", "T...

VedranN by 4 - Data Explorer
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using sum values in grouped fields for other formulas

How do I use sum values automatically calculated when grouping fields for other formulas?I have to calculate the sum of values of a grouped field in other formulas. Is it possible? someone told about rollup, but I did not manage to obtain any useful ...

Screenshot 2024-04-12 alle 13.06.15.png

Formula for "is subtask" scenario

I have a simple task tracker with a single table containing a list of tasks.  I have a self-linking field to allow for a single level of subtasks.  I primarily use Interface lists to view tasks.  However, I also assign tasks to be completed by varyin...

Hardest Problem I've Ever Encountered

Okay guys, got a doozie... Basically, in the screenshot I have a table, which is the main table that 99% of things sprout off from. We have customers, who through a webflow form are able to select accessories to add on to their purchase. That gets re...

GolfCartsUSA by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Age Eligibilty

Hi! I am unsure if it is possible to create a formula to make this work for my school, please help!I have a base created to track all applicants. We offer 5 trade classes each held 3 times a year that have a minimum age requirement; age 16yrs and 8mt...

Table linked to itself

I have a table linked to itselfA Lookup field type still works fineBut a Count field type always returns the value 1 when in some cases it should be more than 1