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Wrong Time Zone in Automation / Form

I have a automation that I have set to email people their response to a form I have and the date and time that gets sent out through the automation is the wrong time zone, the time zone on the form itself is correct so I'm not sure why the automation...

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Slack Notifications Not Sending to ALL

Hello!I am wondering if this might be just an Airtable "bug" or if anyone else experiences this issue.I have a notification system set up through automations. On my data table, I have a formula that will make a list of everyone who needs to be slacke...

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Team Notifications Not Appearing in Bold

Hi. We're using the Teams integration to send notices from AT when something happens (new email meeting a criteria, new client opened, etc.).The messages come through to Teams but are never bolded in the channels list and we don't get notifications. ...

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Create table based on existing records from a different table

New Airtable user here! not quite sure If I am out of my element, but I am looking to streamline a work operation to where our intake team receives a vehicle, and records are created for them to validate all of the parts from the vehicle, efficiently...

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Resolved! Updating a record using automations - Replaces the previous tag!

Hi All! So I have set up an automation that adds a tag to my "Status" column (which is a multiple select column) when a certain checkbox is ticked as true. The automation seems to run fine, BUT, it replaces any previous tags in the "Status" column th...

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createn new records from a multi-selection field

Hi Airtable Community,I have a table with events. New events can be added via a form and various needs can be requested for the event using a multiple selection field.A record is generated in a second table for each need.I have currently created an a...

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Change Start Date based of Predecessor Deadline

I am looking at the template "Project Management" Template which has some good wireframes for my next project.Let's say under "Mars Explorer," / "Design 3D Model" as shown below if I change the status to "In Progress," and my start date is a bit earl...

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Unlinking or Refresh Linked Records in Field

Hello!I am hoping someone might be able to help. I have a PROJECTS table and a STAFF table, and a link between them to see all the projects that are assigned to each staff member. Once a week, projects that are completed are archived and removed from...

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