Creating Automations with trigger "When a Record Matches Conditions"

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Hello All,
I am trying to create two separate automations for my table. One automation is for contacts that have confirmed they are the right people the automation needs to go to. The other automation is for people who have not confirmed they are the right point of contact yet. Some of these contacts are in communication and a point person hasn’t been confirmed yet. I was trying to set my automations to trigger when matching certain conditions, so I am having to use both ‘and’ and ‘or’ options under conditions. However, once I select “and” or “or” the rest of my conditions are automatically turned to whatever I choose first. In other words, I am unable to apply both “and” and “or” together when setting up conditions. I would love some guidance on resolving this.

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You need to use condition groups. Since those aren’t available for automation triggers, try setting up your conditions for a view and use the “when record enters view” trigger instead.

This is very helpful! I’ll give it a try tomorrow. Thank you so much for your time and help! I really appreciate it.