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How can I change the connecting line color in an org chart?

I have an org chart that's looking good except for one thing: the lines that connect the name cells are in a faint blue that is all but illegible. The help bot gave me irrelevant advice, so I'm trying here. How can I configure the color of those line...

Combining data of two different column in a new table

Hi there ! First of all english is not my mother langage, sorry if my english is not perfect.I'm working on a customer networking project.We have a multitude of tables, but there's no specific naming convention. they're table used by sales people, so...

jeremy_b by 1 - Visitor
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Moving Multiple Tables at Once

Can someone tell me if there is a way to select several tables at once to move them? For example, when creating new tables, they are automatically placed at the very end of all existing tables. We have a lot of tables in our base, and I often have to...

geogirl by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Sync Informations in the same Base between tables

Hello Airtable CommunityI have a base with several tables (one for each department) to plan their content. So print, social media organic, PR etc.Each team has 1-3 interfaces. Now I want to synchronize the most important information from all these ta...

mirkolando by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Resolved! Get the 'SUM' from Group Field

It’s slightly similar question to the previous poster actually. I have a field which has numbers in it. If I do this (grouped by field), it shows a very neat view which also contains SUM of each group. The question is. How do I get this sum to my o...


Air table shows different results on different accounts

Hi, My boss has created this sheet. I manage airtable automations and things around it.So whenever he opened the account from his side, the sheet results shows some of the incorrect values. But whenever I open Airtable from myside it always shows me ...

iamnoumank by 4 - Data Explorer
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Synced table with another table in the same base?

I’m trying to make a synced table, but have it synced to another table in the same base. This doesn’t appear to be an option. The use case is having a single base with a table of Posts (by a user), and also having a table of UserProfiles that display...

Display Assignee only under certain conditions

Hello everyone! I'm sure this solution is something really easy staring me right in the face but I just can't see it. I have a  base with several tables that I am linking to, and trying to set up. To start:The Position Table has a large number of job...

Shannon_Bradley_0-1694477193433.png Shannon_Bradley_1-1694477611807.png

Resolved! Current Pipeline metrics

Hello! I'm using the interface to show our metrics, and I'm looking to show both cumulative pipeline numbers and current pipeline numbers. Under our Tasks table, we tag the pipeline status per task, so cumulative recall is straightforward. How would ...