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Resolved! IF + DATETIME_DIFF Formula Help! 🙏🏼

I have a lot to learn in terms of building formulas, and I'm found myself stuck and not sure what I'm missing.What I'm trying to accomplish:If the Completed column checkbox is ticked, display "Completed"If the checkbox is not ticked, display the time...

Spruce by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Bring the sales price with two conditions Customer and Route

I need to get the price from another table and bring it to my booking table. The conditions must be based on the company and the route to bring the correct sale price registered in the Routes Price table,My airtable system is already working and I us...

Weekly Events Auto Populates at a range of Dates

Hello I wanted to create a base that will auto populate Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and so on for a number of date, Date is linked to another base which is synced to that base with a view.The purpose of this is we have a product that has a weekly interac...

Locate Completed Record

Hi, where do I find completed record when it disappeared in the table?

reign by 4 - Data Explorer
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Formula to work out business hours between two date fields

Hi guys,I have 2 columns in Grid view, each with date and time. One is a "Created" column, the other is a "Resolved" column.I am wanting to have a formula to put into a 3rd column / field to work out the business hours between the two other fields. H...

Untitled Base_ Table 1 - Airtable and 3 more pages.png
CameronG by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Add new text from one cell to an ongoing list in another

Hi everyone,I'm trying to solve a workflow/formula problem I've run into.Goal: I am building a task tracker, and it's important we have a history of steps already completed for each task. I have built a table that lists the tasks, and one of the colu...

Jade_Payne by 4 - Data Explorer
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