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Resolved! Formula to return a date based on a "created" date and a variable

Hi all! I am back looking for support with a formula to return a date based on a "created" date and a variable.So far I've been trying to get an IF statements with a DATETIME_FORMAT included to work, but I'm making no progress...My Goal: Create a col...

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Complex inventory

Hello,  I'm working on an inventory system.  Paired with AirPower, it connects to our shopify storefront to upload on the base what we have in stock on our website.  Once I get this finalized, it will also work in reverse.  We have individual items a...

Resolved! Help! Trouble with date formulas #ERROR! and NaN

Hello! I'm slowly learning how to use date formulas, but I have hit a wall in my ability to troubleshoot.I have two date formulas causing me trouble.1) My Rush Due Date is displaying #ERROR! when "Rush" checkbox is not checked.DATETIME_FORMAT(IF(Rush...

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Sum and divide fields into two different categories

Hello,I program a film festival and we use Airtable to organize the submission we receive. This year we have two different programming teams that should watch half of the submitted projects. I wanted to create a formula that would calculate the total...

BxlPFF by 4 - Data Explorer
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Nested IF plus.... What else do I need? 😳

Hi All! I am still new to Airtable and writing formulas and (hopefully) this is an easy question.I am trying to write a formula that will display text that matches the "checked" state of 3 different checkboxes, and also will display "New" if none of ...

Spruce by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Resolved! Conditional Coloring for the Record "pills" in a lookup field

Working on costuming for a film - have 4 main tables of Actors, Costumes, Scenes, and Characters.There's a lot of table to table referencing going on w/ lookups...But one thing I would LOVE to be able to do:When looking at the COSTUMES table (charact...

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seanpeter2 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Splitting Expenses as inventory is distrubted

I am looking for a way to split expenses amongst people in our company without duplicating the total. We purchase company merch/promo items and that expense goes under our expense table and is assigned to 1 of our 7 offices, or corporate. We assign a...