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Embedding Interface on the web

Hi everyone – i saw some folks ask this questions but have not seen an answer as of Q2 2022. Is there a way to embed interfaces into another web app/ website? If not, is there a workaround like an elegante way to embed the whole airtable app into ano...

Request: Access Revision History in Interfaces

My team uses the revision history function a lot when editing records. Currently, that function is not available in an Interface, as far as I can tell. I hope that it can be added ASAP. I have a workaround that embeds a link to the record in the base...

Katerie by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Interface on the mobile app?

Hi there, I guess the interfaces don’t work on Airtable mobile app yet. I cannot build an interface, ok, but I don’t even find the interfaces I made for my table… At least when I try to get to my new interface from my iPhone, I only can find a mentio...

kseka_anto by 4 - Data Explorer
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Number Element Limitations

I have a base where one of my tables is transactions (primary column) where there is a revenue column, date column, and other pertinent information. If I wanted to view revenue by month, that's super simple in views and I could see the average at the...

Interface Pages reset view each time?

If I have one page set up, and a user searches for an account on that interface page, and then switches pages within the interface, the account they had searched is gone and they have to search for it again. It may seem minor, but I have some users t...

Davidj by 4 - Data Explorer
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Hide Filtered Options - Interface Chart

Hi Folks, I'm adding a chart to an interface and even after I filter what the chart shows, the legend for the chart still shows everything, even the categories I've filtered out. Is there a way to edit that legend? Thanks!Kelly

Duplicate interface

I need to duplicate an interface but i can only can duplicate a view inside the same interface, is there a way to duplicate the whole interfaace?

Request: Multiple Y-Axis data sources in Charts

I believe this will be a fairly common request and it’s something I noticed right off the bat when designing a dashboard interface for one of my “aggregation tables” for an e-commerce store that’s being fed data from Shopify. Use Case: New Customers ...

Sharing interface with leads and clients

Hi, With the new interface features, is it possible to share an interface with a lead/client for that person to add and edit a new record (with access to his/her own record only)? I want to use one or more calculators as lead generator tools, and als...

Conditionally shown fields in interfaces?

I’m curious if there are any plans to add conditionally shown fields to Interfaces, similar to what is possible in form view? For example, if you’re tracking network outages you might use one field to specify that the cause is a power outage, in whic...

Sean_Murphy1 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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