Spellcheck - Github Airtable-Spellcheck app - anybody tried?

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I know this question was asked here earlier and yes I can use browser spellcheck.

It was asked here…

and here…

and here about Grammaly…

I found Grammarly works for me fine, no problems, I see underlined, click, get menu and select to replace… I use Opera browser so maybe try that. For Grammarly to work you need to expand the specific text field cell.

I also tried another option called Sapling Grammar and they also work with Airtable. It underlines the spellcheck issues but to use the editor feature they unfortunately require signup via Microsoft Business or School account only. It’s also not clear if they do have a free tier for the Spellcheck solution, but my guess there is the free and pro paid tier. Anybody can confirm? Also how does it work compared to Grammarly?

Another option is Typeright (Grammatica) through chrome extension. It works well similar to Grammarly. I have an issue with this one, it keeps logging me out of the account after about 1 hour. In order to use this, user needs to login.

Another one is LanguageTool through Chrome extension. It works well similar to Grammarly and Typeright.

Another option is Microsoft Editor: Spelling & Grammar Checker

Another option is Ginger Software through chrome extension but the check as you type feature requires upgrade.

Here is finally somebody who came out with an app, seems like an great idea to solve the spell check problem…

Here was a video made

But sadly, I can’t find the app in the Airtable app store. Anybody can see it there?

Alternatively, anybody succeeded with Integromat using Bing Spell check? Would you mind sharing screenshot of the workflow if you have one?

Any other options around? Ideal would be if Airtable :pray: or some 3rd party came with an app within Airtable.

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