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Hi. I’ve set up a few automations with no problems, but I am not sure how to do this one… or if it can be done. I have an AutoDate column, so when a form entry comes in, it auto-dates the entry of the form. However, I need to then copy that date over...
Help! I keep pasting this formula into Airtable, and it deletes it after the 5 Item section. Even if I can get it to “take” the 7 and 10 item part of the formula, it says there’s an error. Where is the error? IF(AND({Number of Items}=5, {VA Recipient...
This is our current working formula. IF(AND({Number of Items}=5, {VA Recipient?}),57.39, IF({Number of Items}=5, 55, IF(AND({Number of Items}=7, {VA Recipient?}),73.18, IF({Number of Items}=7, 70, IF(AND({Number of Items}=10, {VA Recipient?}),88.98, ...
I have this formula. If there is no date, the formula errors out. I need it to be the exact same formula but if the date field is blank, it still fills in all the other columns. Here’s the formula: DATETIME_FORMAT({Date}, ‘YYYY-MM-DD’)&" “&Type&” || ...
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