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Zapier export of base table

So-- I’m trying to on a scheduled basis (daily) get Zapier to export a base for me to a gsheet. Unfortunately, it will only do single records. Is there a way to do this via an API call? I guess I could just have a running trigger that for any new or ...

Noel_Howell by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Lookup From CSV

HI guys! So, i have a list of credit card IDs and their corresponding balance. The card IDs are then linked to clients. (clients table & credit cards table) The credit card provider allows us to download a CSV file with card ID and Balance. I would l...

How to import an entire Base into another Base

I am trying to understand if there is an easy way of copying an entire base that has many tables into another Base that also has many tables. I think it will easier to create a component in one Base and to ensure that the data summary works for each...

CSV Formatting, Need Ideas / Solution

As Airtable works towards a reporting function ;), I have been working towards using the “Download CSV” out of a table and importing it into an old database I used to use,(Brilliant Database) from here I generate my reports. The program has its own ...

Dave_Run by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Import from existing database

I would like to convert an existing database to Airtable. For example a scholarship fund application in another desktop RDB. Lets assume we have 2 tables, to keep it simple for now. All tables have integer primary keys and are linked to integer fore...

Exporting with Formulas

Hello all, I’m trying to export my data into CSV for my employer to look at because he likes excel. I was just wondering if I export the data, will the formulas used be included?

Backup CSV with Unicode?

I tried to backup CSV format with is half-done…the records are generated while the text is messed, as I am using Traditional Chinese in some fields. So I wonder if there is any UTF support in the CSV generating part.

Hk_Lefund by 4 - Data Explorer
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