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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! I’ve created a gallery that I’d like to embed on my client’s website, but there are a few issues:

  1. The title of each record is cut off in the preview of the gallery cards.

  2. Upon clicking the cards to get the expanded view, the title shows up twice: once large (which is nice) at the top of the expanded view, and then again below that as a field.

  3. The gallery of course uses associated images as the “cover field,” and I did not click “image” in the customized list of fields to include on the cards, yet the images show up at the bottom of the expanded view — oddly, under a banner that announces “1 hidden field” (so why show them, if they’re supposed to be hidden???)

  4. I wish I could customize different fields to show between the preview and the expanded view, but I’ve read elsewhere this is not possible. I’m just mentioning it here in case there’s a solution I missed in my search of the forum this morning.

Any solutions here, either native to Airtable or through 3rd party apps? I have seen mini-extensions referenced in my searching, but read zero reviews and WordPress says it only has 20+ users, and it lists no reviews, so that hardly seems reliable to install on my client’s website — of which I am not the webmaster!

Thanks so much,

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You cannot customize Airtable’s embedded gallery views they way you’ve described apart from one thing: when you actually embed a gallery view, you won’t be able to see the hidden fields like you can when looking at the whole base.

Rather than use a Wordpress plugin for miniExtensions, you’re likely better off embedding miniExtensions yourself directly.

I have not once seen anyone reference a Wordpress plugin and didn’t even know they had one.

Another option to explore is

MiniExtensions is extremely popular, extremely well-loved, extremely reliable, and is likely used by thousands of people. I’m just one Airtable consultant and I have probably 30 different clients using MiniExtensions. They are the best.