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Improve functionality for new date dependency options in Timeline View

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator
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To whom it may concern,

The recent development to all different dependency types and buffer for schedule dependencies in Timeline view is a great start to a long standing gap for schedule management with Airtable but there are still may improvements needed to make it more adoptable as follows: 

  • Make the attributes (Type and Buffer) part of the Date Dependencies configuration such that they are fields in Grid View, List View, etc. and not just accessed by clicking dependency line in Timeline view 
  • Update Gantt views to recognize the dependencies as valid 
  • Enable ability with Only Weekends (Mon-Fri) to allow specifically identified weekends as exceptions (Similar to how Holidays works to exclude but is an include)
  • Enable ability to assign holidays to specific Users in the schedule (Currently we have a custom configuration which enables this capability but would be better if it is OOTB)

Supporting Pics attached.

Best Regards,

Jason Knighten