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Formulas Activity

Number of changes

HiIs it possible to count the number of changes or modifications that have been made to a specific record?Rgds

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Using Mapped Values in a Formula Field

I have a “Campaign Name” table that contains a “Product” field (which uses abbreviations).The “Campaign Name” table has a formula field which uses the “Product” values (along with other fields) to generate a campaign name.Our request form (on the “Ca...

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Resolved! 2 If Statements, 1 is IF/AND Help

Hi there and Happy Friday!I am trying to calculate the time it takes an individual to get a specific type of number at the time they enroll in our program.The formula I have is essentially, "If the individual does not have a preexisting number, calcu...

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Resolved! IF AND Formula Help!

Hello!I have two fields that I want to meet certain criteria to return a value in another field.Return Value "Late" if field 1: Advanced Record contains "ADVANCED" and Field 2: If Date/Timestamp is after 10p EST otherwise return "On Time" if Date fie...

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KGB by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Work days for Sunday-Thursday

I need to calculate the number of days a ticket was open, but excluding weekends.However, Airtable wont let me change my work days to be Sunday-Thursday.What formula can I use as a workaround, to count all days of the week minus every Friday and Satu...

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Calculating Hours for time tracking and invoicing

Hi!I'm using an airtable base to calculate my working hours as a freelancer who works in live entertainment and I'm trying to figure out the best way to have a flexible system for different employers' rules for minimum paid hours of a shift, after ho...

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