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Is this even possible?

Hi, I’m just starting out here. Read some of the faq’s and notes but still not sure if what I have in mind is even possible in airtable. I have a small database of a few hundred or more excel records, but they get old after a year or two and need to ...

Duplicating a shared base

Our club uses a base under the originators private airtable account with their private email login. We want to bring this under our club airtable account that we have recently established. The base has been shared to the the club login as an edito...

Sharing options

Hello! I have a question regarding the sharing options. As I have figured out, all collaborators whom I add to a workspace or a base can add anyone else without me being notified about it, which casts a doubt on the matter of privacy or security. So ...

Employee Training Management template

Hi there, I’m using Airtable to build an Employee Training Dashboard. Thus far we have set up an Employee Table and Training table. How do I share the assigned training only to each individual employee? Thanks

Abi_Ghali by 4 - Data Explorer
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Protecting fields

I have a sheet that has 7 fields. 3 fields are pre-populated. The other 4 are filled out by data entry people. I want the contents of 3 pre-populated fields to be locked so that editors can not change them. Furthermore, I want to prevent editors from...

Samir_Patel by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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How to share account with a customer

Hello We are looking at possibly upgrading to allow for using the blocks to create graphs. If we did this and shared the airtable to our customers to utilize would they be able to get all the features in the table? We don’t want them to have to upgra...

Creating Pedigree Database

I have a small goat registry. Ok, I need to create a database that will link sires and dams, offspring together. We can’t have animals just sitting there on their own with no links to each other. How can I do that? Then we need to be able to create f...

Resolved! with a shared view

I’m new to AirTable. One of our vendors has provided us with a shared view that I want to automate downloading via the API with a C# console app. All of the documentation I see refers to a base ID, and I’m able to get the sample APIs to work. But o...