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Resolved! Are Commenters Billable Users?

When I go to upgrade to the new Teams plan, it says I have 14 billable users (and tries to charge me for such), but 9 of our users are only commenters.The Pricing page FAQ says, "No charges will apply for read-only collaborators, commenters, or peopl...

Resolved! Unable to upload a PDF

Hi everyone,I need to upload Adobe Acrobat Documents to my base.  They vary in size between 155-175 KB. '"This file is smaller than the allowed size of 1 B"Why am I getting this message?  Does anyone have a workaround?Thank you for your time and wisd...

Davoies by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! How do I share my base?

What’s the best way for someone to use my base? Lots of people will need to use it and add/edit records but they should not see each other’s information. They are individuals and not in the same company or organization. Can they copy my base and then...

geekchick by 4 - Data Explorer
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Help with change collaborator to owner

Hi all,Currently, I'm using a free plan, I have ownership of the account and have around 11 workspaces. Someone else invited a user to join and now he is a collaborator. I'm traying to change is access to Owner but it doesn't appear as an option anyw...

Some users edits not saving

Hi all,A couple of users on my bases are making edits on the base, such as ticking a check box or adding a comment to a record, then when they return to that record the next day their changes have been removed, ie the checkbox is unticked and the com...

isobelhoward by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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transfer personal credits to workspace

Hi, I have an issue with transferring personal credits to my workspace. I just updated my plan to a business one, and now I want to transfer all my personal credits, but it doesn't work. I already resublmitted my card details, still no success. Pleas...

"Work on Today" field by colleague

Hi there,I'm looking for some help with improvement of a "Work on Today" field.The field we have currently is a checkbox for each colleague--each person has their own "Work on Today" checkbox with their name marking their field. In a view of my tasks...

Nike_Bahr by 4 - Data Explorer
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