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Add a communications portal

I manage a very large grant program (100+ active grant recipients ongoing), and we're doing most of our data tracking in Airtable.  We want to add a customer/grantee portal, and I have seen various Airtable add-ons mentioned. (We do not want to add e...

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Showing contents of another table in embedded view

I have a problem with the embedded view where I cannot show more details from a second table that I have more detailed data in.My workspace has two main tables:1. master view of all data at a high level and2. components view - records linked to recor...

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Need help merging two sets of data into 1 single record

Ok, this may be super basic, but I really need help here. I've got two sets of data: 1. Google Analytics2 aHrefsThe Google Analytics data shows values like traffic, user engagement time, pages visited per session, etc and gives all of this for a sing...

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Creating a Table of Records from Multiple Select

I have a table and each record includes a name, address, email address, phone number, and relationship. The relationship field is single select, and it consists of parent, student, donor, alum, and staff. I want to generate a report that gathers all ...

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I need help

Please community members, I'm new here and really need help understanding some things with airtable. In fact I upgraded for the team plan more than a month ago, it told me that my database is full yet I only have one database with 2100 records. I don...

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System down?!?!

Hi I cant get Airtable to load today. I cant get to my boards or even onto The page is just white!!! HELP!

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Record Template - Populate Fields not working

Hi guys!I am using Record Templates to auto-populate long text fields in existing records, but it doesn't seem to be working. I have a bunch of long text fields that I want to have templates for to auto fill them out when a project hits a certain pha...

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Autopopulating Linked Fields that passed the condition

Hello Guys! Pretty new in airtable. I have 2 tables, on the first table I added a [Link to another record] field that follows a condition to only allow values that matches a value from my first table. I've succesfully done this in a way that it only ...

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