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We have an Employee Directory built within Airtable, and want to create a calendar that our management can view in Outlook365. I’ve set everything up as I’ve found it on the forums here, but I’m missing something because nothing is showing up in the iCal feed link that I created. When I try and insert the link in my iCal as a test, it says it is invalid data.

Please help me to help you to help me! :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you!

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Welcome to the community, Maggie! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Could you please share more specific details about the steps you took to set up the calendar in Airtable, and to subscribe to it in Outlook? I don’t have Outlook on my Mac, but I’m hoping that something in the steps you followed will trigger an “aha!” moment and lead to a quick solution.

Thanks Justin! Actually I have a follow up question that may resolve this entirely. I have researched all of the threads, and I just don’t see a basic resolution to have the calendar view, in Airtable, show birthdays in perpetuity, not just for the current year. Maybe once I resolve that (with your help?) I can then resolve the iCal feed.

As you’ve noticed, Airtable’s calendar view doesn’t behave like a standard calendar. It’s a view driven by records on a table, just like other views. In other words, each calendar entry represents a single record from the table where the calendar view lives. To have calendar entries in future years would require additional records with dates set for those years.

Alternatively, you could use an integration service (Zapier or Integromat) to automatically advance the date for a single record by one year after the date has passed. It’s also possible to design a formula to do something similar, always keeping the date driving the calendar view set to the the next possible instance of someone’s birthday based on a hidden base date field.