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Moving Projects Within A Section

Good Morning!I had a question about moving my projects within the table itself.  I have a main "Ready For Install" section and below are two other sections, one for each install team.  What I want to know and if I am able to, is how do I make it so w...

Using Condition function (filtering data)

I have a zip code field and only want 6 different zip codes from over 20 different ones I have in my data source.I have successfully pulled those with the condition field use 'or'  but I also only want the ones that have an active customer  check mar...

Preventing modification of single select field

Hi all,I can't keep my work partner from accidentally adding options to our single select fields. He forgets they are single select fields and just types in his value—often misspelling them. Is there a way to prevent this? One that doesn't depend on ...

calender across multiple projects

HelloMy company builds complex machines with many parts. A lot of these parts, I need to buy and keep track of delivery dates and whether or not the item has been deliverd.What is the best way to set up an airtable to show all the delivery dates for ...

Sam_Cordec by 4 - Data Explorer
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Handling Multi-Page Layouts in Page Designer

Hello everyone,I've been working with Page Designer to create invoices that sometimes span more than a single A4 page due to the length of item lists. In tools like Excel, I've been able to manually manage page breaks and ensure that content flows sm...

Parnsasi by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Organising data

Hi there,To use data for a list Softr you have to have the data in the same column. How would I be able to put two look up fields (one displaying a percentage and the other displaying a $ amount) into the same column while maintaining their exact val...

bartdubs by 4 - Data Explorer
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The Update No One Asked For

I think it's clear that the vast majority of the Airtable Community has rejected the new dashboard/home screen design. For every 1 person complaining here (and there are many across the threads), there are many more unhappy people that are not postin...

Customer Experience Quality Assurance

Hi! We were wondering if Airtable could be used as a Quality Assurance tool to evaluate our customer's representatives? If so, how would you implement it (using forms, reports...)? Thanks!

Tiffany by 4 - Data Explorer
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How would you link 2 tables - calendar of events and tasks

Hi everyone, I've got two tables in two different bases.calendar of articlestasksI'd like to create a task for each calendar item and only need to update one table. Just looking for ideas on the best way to link these bases. My current idea:is to syn...

Syncing tabs within the same base

How do I auto sync fields with another tab in the same workplace? I need to ensure the fields are all the same so that info can be moved over from one to another when the automation I have made is triggered.

JWalker by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Sync multiple views in one sync / share

Hello!I have 2 slightly different views which I want to sync / share at the same has info for sending mail, and the other will be for receiving responses.We will use one single select field / column that has statuses, so when we send the m...

SOANDY by 4 - Data Explorer
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Reimbursement Database-HELP PLEASE

I'm developing a complex reimbursement database and need help:There are 7 divisions,  each division has 3 credit cards and each card has 3 reimbursable categories (for example: food, travel, leisure), each division has 8 employees.Each employee has a...

Ymna by 4 - Data Explorer
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