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SYNC TABLE WHILE KEEPING RELATED TABLES.Hello Airtable community,I have a situation that I don't know how to resolve with a synchronized table.1- Situation: I have a "Matrix" table in a base that I've been using since before the option to synchronize...

My spellchecking script isn't working

Hi everyone.  I'm not a coder so have been relying on ChatGPT to help me with scripts.  It gave me this one for a spellchecker that looks in a field for misspellings of the word "epilepsy".  I have checked the name of the field and of the table are c...

JonathanB by 8 - Airtable Astronomer
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Resolved! Link Tables and Lookup fields

HiI have some linked tables. The first link is between "People" and "Working Groups". When in the Working Group table I can look up people's names and add them to the field "Members". When in the People table, I can make a link back to Working Groups...

Davva by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Cannot select text within formula code

For some reason I cannot select the text within my formulas, meaning I cannot choose which text to copy for pasting later. It is only within the formula editing that I cannot edit the text. I can select text everywhere else:Selected text on here:Can'...

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Any Team Plan users with AI Beta yet?

I signed up for beta a long time ago, but seems I'm still on the waitlist. Has anybody one else been let in to beta?Notion's AI tools are cool and I'm using them already.  Wondering if I should be shifting my workflows over, or keep waiting.  It's al...

Count individual attendees in multi select field

Hi,I have 2 tables. One is called Dues. It has a list of members who have paid their dues by year. Each row is a member and the year. The other table is called Meetings. I t has list of meetings by date and a multiselect field of members who attended...

Resolved! Any option for dynamic fields showing up depending on input?

Without using forms, but within AirTable itself, is there any option to build anything like a flow chart, where selecting different options would show different fields to input data?For example let's assume I have an employees table. Each employee ca...

Yaron_Avramov by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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What is there Purpose of a "Magic Link"

I'm a novice Airtable user trying to help create a system for my wife. I've created a base with a couple of linked tables and some basic forms to enter data.  I've just created a form using the "New Forms" feature and want to take the url and use it ...

Qwikatb by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! subcategory

Hello-I have created a field with single select options. Is it possible to create a link such that when an option is selected it will link to a new field with new sub categories? Example: Field= Clothing with  Single Select Options: Skirt, pants, sui...

Deblormil by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Airtable options appear off screen

Hi,I'm having trouble with Airtable displaying options off the visible screen. So far I have experienced this with automation menus (first image) and creating dropdown fields (second image). Is there a way to force these menus to only appear on the v...

Stanley_Nokes_0-1699610438582.png Stanley_Nokes_1-1699610512172.png

HELP With Data Organizing

Hi, I have some data I have collected from 2 separate clients I have done work with throughout the past couple of years. Is it possible to create 2 separate tables that  pull the information from the original created table and separate them into the ...

Resolved! I am able to create 1250 records in free plan

Hello, I am new to airtable. I need help with records. I have created 1250 records in my table even though i am on freeplan. I am not sure if i should add more rows records or not? 

shubhams021 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Password prompts keep coming up

I’m keeping track of some social media captions in my Airtable base but every time I copy and paste into Airtable I get a prompt to update saved password. It’s quite annoying to have to minimize the window each time I paste something. Is there a way ...

How best to create a calendar view from 3 separate tables?

Hi all! My team has 3 tables that we use to keep track of events that have associated dates and times, including trainings, out-of-office holds, and planned travel time. I want to create a calendar view in AirTable that includes all 3 of these event ...

AaronB by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! How do you filter items by year?

I have searched for how to do this, but it seems unclear. There is no way to group by year, specifically. You can only select past year, next year, specific number of days, etc. So how do you group items by year?

Anxious by 7 - App Architect
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