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Dark Mode Community Update

Hi Airtable!Can you please give the community an update on when dark mode will be implemented in the upcoming New Feature Spotlight on March 8, 2023?Maybe it could fit in the visibility section of the presentation.We're waiting. And we're not recomme...

Reordering Linked Items

Not sure how to make suggestions to Airtable developers, so I'm putting mine here. Am I the only one who would think it'd be cool if we could reorder the items in a linked field's cell? The way that, say, one could reorder songs in a playlist in Spot...

Table / Dashboard relationship help

I want to have an automation/setting/lock that when I click a certain table tab, it switches to a certain dashboard... can I do this ?The reason is in Dashboard 1 I have a map API showing locations based on addresses in that particular table.I want t...

theskiffguy by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Capturing data from a Form for TV series

I require a client to advise me of the show name, ep & series number and duration of each ep they are sending me.I've created a form which works great but only for a single entry. I need them to be able to do bulk sending of this dataI know I could c...

BigJ by 4 - Data Explorer
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Enable rich Text Formatting' feature doesn't work

The 'Enable rich Text Formatting' feature doesn't work in some base but not all.Even if it's activated, I can not see any modal to format the text.I tried with different computers and my phone. I still have this problem.

Lery by 4 - Data Explorer
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Rich text formatting not working on my main table

Does anyone have a fix for this? Just randomly out of the blue Rich Text Formatting has stopped working for my main table that I use. By not working I mean that if I write something in a Long Text field (with RTF enabled) the little popup to do bold,...

Transform columns into rows

Hi, I have a table in airtables that has the following columns1.persons first 2. last name and 3. regular hours worked 4. overtime hours worked 5. hazard hours worked.I would like to transform the different type of hours worked columns into individua...

Resolved! View for Linked Record

Hi Airtable Community -I have table A which has a column that stores links to records in table B.  When I am in an expanded view of a record in table A and I click on the linked entry to open the linked record in table B, what determines what view is...

Resolved! Multiple text and value rows in same entry

Hello everyone,I'm trying to create something similar to what I do with spreadsheets, it's like a product catalog but using multiple rows on a single entry so I can use different values for each variation of the  same item. (image attached)Is it poss...

LuizGustavo by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Rollup of unique values of a lookup field?

Hi my org does school lessons, we have lessons, teachers (who host the lesson), and our educators (who deliver the lesson). These are spread across 3 tables, with lessons having links to an educator and one or more teachers. I want to calculate the n...

flux by 4 - Data Explorer
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Flag records created or update by the API?

Hi fellow Airtable enthusiasts!Does someone know if there's a way to flag records created or update by the API? Currently, we have a few integrations using the API, that are authorised by a certain user in Airtable. I'd like to flag those using a for...

Elvin_Roest by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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any solution for a rental app?

Is there at the moment any formula, function, working script or any else working solution to deal with a rental activity? (we need do track what is available or not, when it is available or not, who rented what etc. not only checking calendar view, b...

Automatically modify dynamic URL field based on logged-in user

I created this post a couple of years ago and we're still hitting a wall trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this: Dynamic formula to change output based on username viewing the tableI have started thinking about using an external no-code...

jord8on by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Comparing amount of common linked records

Let me describe my issue with a mock-up.I have a database with two tables: People and Projects. People are linked to Projects (people can be on multiple projects and vice-versa). I want to have an information how many People in common each pair of pr...

Grasiu by 4 - Data Explorer
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Being Able To Edit A Record In A Shared Table

Hey Everyone,Wondering if anyone knows of a way to edit a record in a shared table in one base that is from another base in airtable.I operate off of one base daily and have a shared table of all of my projects from my projects base that I check ever...

Attachment Deduping

Hi Community,I am pulling information from multiple records in a sync'd base into one record in a new base. By doing this I getting multiple images associated with this record, which I love. However some images are associated with multiple records in...

Mmingram by 4 - Data Explorer
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Adding linked record by scanning barcode

Hi,I have a base with a "Workorders" table, to that workorder I would like to be able to add parts from my "Spare parts" table by scanning the barcode of that spare part (instead of writing in the search box).Each spare part has a barcode field with ...

Saruchi05 by 4 - Data Explorer
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