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I know this has been raised before as a feature request but is there a way to add a default value to a date field through automations or some other mechanism other than pleading airtable to implement or a third party add-on? Thanks in advance
This is probably a stupid question but when designing a table, should the primary key (first column) be unique or not? In my case, I have Projects and Tasks like Projects (Fix House, Fix car) Tasks (Repair bathroom sink, buy new steering wheel, repla...
Running into a problem creating an order tracking form. I have 4 tables Customer Info - name, address, etc… Product List - products and prices Orders - each row has customer name and product and product quantity purchased. Primary field is a formula ...
Looking to dynamically pull a specific record from Table 1 to Table 2 based on date. In other words Table 1 has a list of names and dates. Table 2 has the daily meal; what we’re eating everyday. I want to pull what we’re eating everyday (Table 2) int...
I can’t thank the community enough for answering my questions! My next question is how to add a record from interface designer. I have 2 tables; Names and Attendance. Names has all metadata associated with an individual person. Attendance table is go...