Best way to build a table of all our clients' services?

Hi everyone,

I am building a database of clients in hopes of building a simple GUI in Stacker (you don’t need to be familiar with Stacker to help me here though).


  • Clients (Basic business information of each of our clients)
  • Locations (Addresses for our businesses, and entries from the Clients table are sometimes linked to multiple records in the Locations table since some of our clients have multiple locations)
  • Team (Record of people such as various business owners, our internal people who are overseeing various accounts, etc.)

This current setup is working well. However, things get complicated when I try to add the scope for each of our clients (a list of all their services and the deliverables therein).

Here is an example of my first attempt at adding our clients’ services: screenshot. One of the issues with this setup is that when I use AT’s Gallery view for my Clients table, you can see the field “Google Ads Budget” even though I’ve selected the “Call Tracking” entry. That’s a problem because, what if for this particular example client, we weren’t running call tracking for them? I wouldn’t want that to show there.

So in an attempt to fix this, I tried creating a Table for each type of service we offer (ex. Call Tracking, Google Ads, to name a few). But then I didn’t know how to setup a good primary key that would distinguish each entry effectively.

I really need help in constructing this base to where I can see the scope of any of our clients, and yet, once a particular service is opened, all the details about that client’s service are shown (like Google Ads budget, when the campaign was launched, etc.) without other service’s information showing (Like call tracking).

Let me know your thoughts. This is a little confusing, so I apologize for that…

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