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Dark Mode Community Update

Hi Airtable!Can you please give the community an update on when dark mode will be implemented in the upcoming New Feature Spotlight on March 8, 2023?Maybe it could fit in the visibility section of the presentation.We're waiting. And we're not recomme...

Summarizing linked records in a lookup field

Hello! I'm trying to figure out how to count the number of times that a linked record appears within a cell in a lookup field, but I'm completely stumped.My base contains information about hockey leagues and clubs. There are several tables, but the i...

Logo size on forms

Why does the logo at the top of the forms always appear so tiny? I have resized and changed image formats and the logo still appears very small. Is this intentional? Can this be changed?Thanks!H.

HecOGon by 4 - Data Explorer
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Feature request: Interfaces statitics - add a 100% bar graph

Bar graphs are super useful at looking on your data. Often, a 100% bar graph is really needed to compare categories.In this example, I'm comparing the effectiveness of different messages. Currently, as each message type was sent a different number of...

Roy_Golan by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! View Own Records in Interface but not Base

I have a base for supervisors to approve staff requests. I'd like it so supervisors cannot see each others requests or notes. So I have built an interface that is set so they can only see 'Viewers records only,' which is looking at the field: Supervi...

lcar by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Mobile PDF multipage

Hi, I have an Interface with an attachment field and I'm adding small PDF's. These are sometimes multipage PDF's All good on PC but when opening via the Airtable App on Mobile, it only displays one page. Multiple pages can be viewed if download but n...