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Add new records in sync table?

I currently have table from partner’s bases synced to my base. For some reason that we can’t work on same base. My ultimate goal is has a table can sync and update records from partner’s base and I also can add new records from my team. 'Cause I can’...

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Linked record lineage

Hello, I’m using airtable to track software, on servers, in locations. I have a table setup for locations, that are linked to servers in the servers table. And the software table is linked to the server table. So software on server, in location. Is t...

Adding a Static Image to Airtable Form

I created a form in Airtable to collect shirt sizes from our team for an upcoming order. I can’t find an option for putting the static image of the jacket within the form so people can see it when they are deciding the size they would like to order. ...

Recipe card for a foodblog help

I’m looking to use the gallery view that I have for recipes for a foodblog on a page in my blog. But to format to hyperlink to the PageDesigner App perhaps so users could print the recipe or scroll through them. How can I best do this? I feel Airtab...

Kanban view without multiple select - what can I do?

Hi there! I’m using Airtable for content scheduling and curriculum development, but I’m struggling to create a Kanban view that solves my needs due to the lack of multiple field selection (in the Kanban view). I have seen other threads on this, but I...

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Input from form to show the view

How to get an input via form that creates a view? This can change every-time depending on the form submission. Help pls For example: I need to select my phase of product (column 1) and my focus (column 2) in a 10 column table and based on this input ...