Re: Record is opening verry slowly after scanning QR code

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4 - Data Explorer


I have issues opening a record by scanning the url of the record.
When I scan the QR code (generated from a record URL) the airtable app opens but doesn’t load the page (or it takes a long time).
If i just go to the airtable mobile application and I click on the record, it immeadately opens the record.
I only have 4 tables in my base, each with 10 records
Link is: Sign in - Airtable

example record
Keeps on loading
Can someone help me with this? Am I doing something wrong?

I’m new with airtable.



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It takes more than 20 seconds, so something is not right. Images are small

Hi, can anyone help me with this?
I don’t understand why it is loading so slowly when i can the QR code, but loading so fast when I just click on the record.