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Capturing data from a Form for TV series

I require a client to advise me of the show name, ep & series number and duration of each ep they are sending me.I've created a form which works great but only for a single entry. I need them to be able to do bulk sending of this dataI know I could c...

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Enabling autofill permissions on specific fields in Airtable

Hello,I hope everyone is dong well. I am building an application using airtable and Stackerhq.To keep it brief, I use the autofill function in Stackerhq to autofill a form and the submit those values to Airtable. I think Airtable is not accepting aut...

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Enable rich Text Formatting' feature doesn't work

The 'Enable rich Text Formatting' feature doesn't work in some base but not all.Even if it's activated, I can not see any modal to format the text.I tried with different computers and my phone. I still have this problem.

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Resolved! Scripting: Creating backlog of records: Attendance tracker

We are moving student metrics to Airtable and I am trying to create a backlog of attendance records for our students since they started. (we have two campus's with seperate start dates). I have an automation working fine for populating records with e...

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Transform columns into rows

Hi, I have a table in airtables that has the following columns1.persons first 2. last name and 3. regular hours worked 4. overtime hours worked 5. hazard hours worked.I would like to transform the different type of hours worked columns into individua...

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Form view doesn't show the same data when shared view

I have a form within a table. This form has a field that's a link to record type - City. When I view this field +Add City, it shows me the City and the State so I know the context. This works within the Airtable app only.  If I share this form and th...

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njg by 4 - Data Explorer

Rich text formatting not working on my main table

Does anyone have a fix for this? Just randomly out of the blue Rich Text Formatting has stopped working for my main table that I use. By not working I mean that if I write something in a Long Text field (with RTF enabled) the little popup to do bold,...

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"Apply" button in Filter Conditions

Is anyone else seeing the Apply button in their filter conditions?  It showed up some time this week but it's not in every table.  This is annoying! Is there a way to turn it off?There:Not there: 

marissab_0-1679064857346.png marissab_1-1679064892181.png
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Survey Answers

Hi! We created surveys for each base that people can fill out after our events we host. They answered the surveys, but I dont know exactly how to find the survey results now.I am not the one who set this up (the person that did left, but he tied the ...

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Resolved! Multiple text and value rows in same entry

Hello everyone,I'm trying to create something similar to what I do with spreadsheets, it's like a product catalog but using multiple rows on a single entry so I can use different values for each variation of the  same item. (image attached)Is it poss...

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Interface Tracking

Hi there - Is there a way I can take an Airtable Form under my tab called "Access Management," and then use an interface that I'd like to create which will track all of the information from the Airtable form? Basically, I am trying to keep track of e...

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View for Linked Record

Hi Airtable Community -I have table A which has a column that stores links to records in table B.  When I am in an expanded view of a record in table A and I click on the linked entry to open the linked record in table B, what determines what view is...

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