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Troubleshooting Airtable attachment error messages

So it seems I may be dumb, but I was under the impression that how I'm using the attachment field is ok and I wouldn't be impacted by the changes but I'm now seeing all my attachments are broken.The way I have it configured is I scan a document into ...

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When I right click on my extension frame and select print to pdf, the print preview window is blank, even if my extension just prints "hello".any help appreciated.I'm sure I could do this a while ago. I'm using the latest version of chrome.

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Resolved! Need Help creating a laundry Booking system

HelloI need help with creating a Laundry Booking systemLooking to create a calendar view with the ability to let people book a time slot to use one of the Washing or Drying machines in my Building.The booking info can then be displayed on another tab...

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User updating one field of their records

Hi there,Simplified explained, I have a newsletter.The email addresses and other user details are saved in Airtable. The content of the newsletter is generated with Airtable automations. I want to send a personalised email to the users asking them if...

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Display shared Google Drive image links as buttons

Hi everyone,Since the storage for my attachments is limited, I've compressed the images and uploaded them on Airtable, and stored the high-quality ones on Google Drive. Now, I want to add URLs to shared Google Drive images so they can zoom in on the ...

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Resolved! Append Rich Text Checkbox Adding Line Break

I have an Automation set up to append items to an existing Rich Text Field, in the format of a checkbox list. The append Automation works well, except it always leaves a line break above the appended item, making a blank line in my list. The Rich Tex...

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Conditional Formatting in Row

I think this has been asked before, but I can’t figure out if it was ever answered: Is there any way to do row-based conditional formatting? I.e. is it possible for me to format a row (let’s say, make it all BOLD or add a color to it), depending on t...

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Resolved! Add new records in synced table

Hi there! I was wondering if there is any way to create new records in a table that is synced? I use Airtable to keep track of projects that are happening in our theatre. Here’s how our workflow is built : our main base is called Operation (and it is...

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Select timezone for each record

Hello, I’ve got a table set up which is to hold flight data. So I have airport from, to and date/time fields. I would like to have the timezone listed in the time field as it is always local to the origin or destination. Is this possible? When I sele...

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Plan Limit Error (Pro Plan)

My plan says that I am over the limit on a base. When I go to my account page it says “All of your bases are within the record and attachment limits for your current plan (annual Pro)”. I am needing this fixed so that I can add new records. Specifica...

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Creating a booking system

I’m trying to expand a base we use as a booking system for photography sessions but feeling stuck. In our current system, users fill out an Airtable form with their contact info and select a time slot (field linked to a table of time slots, filtered ...

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Resolved! Timelining Multiple Projects

Hi Everyone First post, relatively new to Airtable but getting in deep! I’m hoping you all can help and that Airtable is the right solution! I work for a company that makes artworks for artists and I’m hoping that Airtable can help organise what we d...

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